How to Create a Digital Product to Sell Online

Digital products are probably the simplest form of product that you can sell online. After all, everything online is (by definition) digital. You just need to decide what you’re going to create and then set about doing it. Which is easy in theory but not always as easy in practice.

1. Decide your format

Most people start with PDF ebooks because they perceive them as being easier to create. In practice, a PDF is probably the most difficult product and – worse still – typically carries the lowest price tag.

It takes a long time to type out the thousands of words necessary to make a decent length PDF. Then you’ve got to spell check it, proof read it, get a cover created and format it.

It’s far quicker, far easier and far more profitable to produce an audio or video product. Trust me, I’ve done all three product types and am unlikely to go back to PDFs unless I want to create a printed book.

2. Make an outline

Don’t worry about getting your outline perfect but definitely make sure that you have a series of topic titles that you will cover in your new digital product.

I usually aim for between 6 and 12 sections to cover.

These could be as short as 5 to 10 minutes each if your product is going to be an overview. Or they could last between 30 and 90 minutes each if you’re going in-depth.

There’s no hard and fast rule for this. Think how long a song or music track lasts. Or how long a book is. Or a television series. The range is vast.

The trick is to make sure that you cover what you promise in your sales letter and that you don’t pad the product out for the sake of making it look bigger than it really is. We’ve all bought products or been to webinars that spend the first 15 minutes of their hour telling us how they’re not full of fluff or padding. Don’t let your product fall into the same trap!

3. Flesh out the outline

If your product is only going to be an hour or so long, you probably won’t need to do much fleshing out. But it’s probably worth doing anyway, especially if this is your first digital product.

Just sketch out between 3 and 12 points to cover in each of the sections. The aim is to cover each of these points in a few minutes which means your new digital product will be created fast and you won’t be stuck in front of your microphone like a deer in headlights.

4. Start recording

Chances are you won’t need to do much, if any, editing. Especially if you record in short “bursts” of between 5 and 10 minutes.

Of course, if you’re creating something like a guided meditation you may need to edit out the occasional umms and errs. But for most other products it’s perfectly acceptable to be human when you’re recording!

Organise your recordings logically and give them file names that you’ll likely recognise in a few weeks or months time. There’s no point in being cryptic with the file names on your computer hard drive – you can always change them on the internet host when you upload them to your website if you’re paranoid about piracy.

5. Create a sales page

Depending on the price of your product and your relationship with your list, this doesn’t have to be elaborate.

In fact, I find that the closer my sales letters are to me talking to you as a friend, the better they do. I’m not a fan of flashy graphics or over-hyped sales pages and my style attracts the kind of customers I want to attract (which is the law of attraction working but that’s a whole different article!).

Challenges Of Selling Digital Products

While there are many advantages to a digital business with digital products, it doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges. In addition to all the regular tasks of running a business, a digital business also has to deal with unique issues.

First of all, because there is usually minimal cost associated with creating and distributing digital products, the market can tend to be oversaturated. Anyone with an Internet connection and a video camera can create a training video, just like anyone with Microsoft Word can create an e-book. So not only does your digital product have be distinguishable from everything else that’s already out there, it has to be so much better than everyone else that you can actually sell yours and make money from it.

Actually, that’s only partly true.

While you do need to be able to make money off your digital products, you don’t have to make money off all of your products. Because there is no cost to store or copy these products, many businesses decide to give some of their products away for free. In principle, this will help build exposure to their company and their brand, generating return customers, which can then lead to increased sales. This can also help make up for when your digital product gets copied and redistributed without your knowledge or consent, which will happen. (This is another challenge; some people simply don’t want to pay for digital products.) While you can do what you can to help combat piracy, using that detail and actually encouraging people to share it for free may actually help advertise your business.

Speaking of advertising, this can be an additional challenge for this type of product. Online marketing is a completely different world than traditional marketing strategies, and brings with it fierce competition. The world of online marketing can be difficult to master, but is certainly not impossible.

With this business model, you also have to be sure your website is welcoming and easy to navigate, that people can easily and successfully order/download/access whatever they need to (at all times; you can’t just put up a “closed” or “out for lunch” sign), and that you’re website is secure. Customer service can’t suffer just because your product or service is digital.

However, none of these challenges are insurmountable. With the proper education and drive, you can overcome these and other challenges and reap all the benefits digital products have to offer.

How To Sell Digital Products On Bonanza

Digital product authors and licensed resellers have sold their products on eBay for many years. Sadly, for the past couple of years eBay has made this increasingly more difficult. This is due to their restrictions on the sale of digitally downloaded products. As a result many digital product sellers have been forced to find an alternative.

Bonanza fit the bill perfectly!

If you’re not familiar with Bonanza, it’s an online auction site very much like eBay. Bill Harding founded Bonanza in 2007. Today there are over 20 million items for sale on Bonanza. These item listings are available to nearly every country in the world. Among these items are, naturally, digitally downloaded products.

Digital products are not only fully supported on Bonanza, the digital delivery to your customer is also handled. When your product is purchased and payment completed, the buyer is able to download the product immediately.

The ability to easily list digital products, has made Bonanza one of the top venues for selling downloadable software, eBooks, plugins and more.

Listing your digital downloads is easy

  1. Register a sellers account on Bonanza.
  2. Once your account is active, login and go to your seller’s dashboard.
  3. Set up your Seller’s Booth, following the provided instructions/suggestions.
  4. Select items, then add or edit items. This will open your listings page.
  5. Select add an item. This will take you to the listing creation page.
  6. Complete the Give Your Item A Title Field.
  7. Next you will upload your product images.
  8. In the item category field, select Digital Goods, then type of item from the list of options.
  9. Enter the number of items available in the Quantity Available field.
  10. Complete the Detailed Item Description field.
  11. In the Shipping Selection field you’ll upload your digital file. (.zip file)
  12. Set a price for your item.
  13. Click the, Add This Item To Your Booth button.
  14. You’ll receive confirmation that your listing is now live.

That’s all there is to it. When your item sells, payment will be added to your PayPal account, the buyer will be able to download the item immediately. All of this is handled automatically, with no additional action required from you.

Another great feature of Bonanza is the Rewards Program. You earn reward tokens for just about every action you perform on Bonanza. Logging in and listing items are just a couple ways you earn tokens. These tokens can be used for fee discounts, listing promotion and more.

There are many other great venues for selling digital products online. However, if you sell digital products, Bonanza definitely ranks among the best. Even if you currently sell on other sites, don’t overlook Bonanza!

7 Tips Why You Should Start Your Digital Products Business Online

The Internet has become a very important source for a person to effectively market his/her digital products online because it gives the user benefits that every financial transaction can be conducted online without making use of any other mode of communication. Usually online selling of digital products consist of products like software, ebooks, digital downloads, audio or video files which can be purchased online. This way you can easily start making money online.

With the coming up of internet in such a big way, things have considerably changed now and it is the best time for any seller to make utilization of the Internet for selling digital based products. But to be fully successful in this regard one would need an excellent online marketing strategy for the maximum exposure of the digital goods that can lure prospective customers in purchasing them.

When you sell digital products, you have no inventory costs, no shipping costs and no material things to deal with. Everything can be automated, so your online business can run on auto pilot. But creating a website is not enough for your business success.

The following 7 tips can really help an online digital product seller in getting higher sales.

o The foremost thing that a person would need for selling digital goods online is the creation of a simple and attractive website which can cater to all the needs of the buyers and act as a perfect online store for the display of digital goods.

o Utilize affiliate marketing networks to help you sell your product. Such networks can list your product, so the affiliates can easily find and start promoting them. Affiliates make your product promotions for you, so with their help you can sell even more products without any costs!

o One can make use of the pay per click method and blog or article marketing for popularizing the website.

o It is very convenient for a customer to purchase digital products online and he/she just needs to click on your download link button, pay the specified amount of money and the download will be provided for the buyer automatically.

o The customer can make payments via Paypal account created through a pay link button. A customer can conveniently buy any kind of product that he/she desires with the help of a simple product code and a digital product download URL.

o Try to ensure complete customer ease with regard to the payment method and accept payments in all modes like bank transfers, credit cards and debit cards.

o Make efforts to integrate credit card payment methods into with the customer ordering so that the customer can conveniently choose any product to his shopping cart and easily make payments. This kind of a payment method will help all the customers in making payments without any hassles and also in a safer way without the risk of any credit card theft.

In an online digital marketing scenario, Click2Sell.EU ( is an online affiliate marketing network that allows you to sell your digital products online. You can start selling in just few minutes and accept payments instantly. Run your affiliate program, recruit affiliates. Affiliates can easily help your business grow and sell your downloads for you, so it’s a great way not only to earn money from your own sales, but also this way you would be able to increase your profits at no cost – with a help of affiliates.