Creating Your Own Digital Product Can Be Easy!

Digital products are everywhere. If you’ve downloaded a Kindle ebook or something from iTunes, you’ve bought a pure digital product. If you’ve bought a CD or DVD, the ultimate product is digital even if the medium it’s delivered on isn’t. Either way, digital products are everywhere.

And you can join the ranks of those digital product creators very easily, so long as you know what you’re doing.

Decide on a format

The most popular formats for digital products are probably books, audios and videos. So unless you’re a geeky software engineer, I’d suggest sticking with one of those formats.

The order I listed them in is typically lowest price to highest price: paperbacks are almost always cheaper than the audio version of the book and when it’s turned into a movie that usually costs more again.

So, ideally, aim for audio or video as your format. They’re actually quicker products to produce as well as commanding a higher price.

Write an outline

An outline is like a sat-nav for your product.

It helps you get from point A (the start) to point B (the finish).

At the very least, outline the main sections of your product, a bit like the chapter headings in a book.

If this is the first digital product you’ve created, I’d also suggest outlining the sub-sections within each of the main sections. And maybe sub-sub-sections as well.

This has two main benefits:

  • You’ll quickly spot whether there’s anything major missing from your product
  • You’ll be able to create the product in bite-sized chunks rather than facing potential overwhelm at the thought of having to create everything at once

Both of those are important, otherwise you run the risk of procrastinating and never even starting to create your product.

Which leads neatly on to the next part:


So many projects languish forever on to-do lists.

Think back to your last set of New Year’s resolutions: how many got started? How many actually got completed?

If you’re like most people, chances are that you don’t have anywhere near a 100% success rate.

But there’s also a good chance that you got further ahead with the things you actually started rather than just dreamed about!

So set aside some time every day (or at worst every week) to work on creating your new digital product.

The more committed you are, the better as your subconscious mind will start to nag you to and will help keep you on track to actually completing your new digital product.

Good luck!

Why Selling Digital Products Is Very Beneficial

There are two types of products being sold online, the digital and the physical. Both offer businesses a chance to make money and trade on a global scale, but the digital products are a more advantageous avenue for anyone wanting to get into business using the internet.

Let’s look at physical products for a minute. If you’re selling products online then you need a storage facility to store all the products, you need to constantly be aware of new orders coming in as you package them and arrange shipping.

On the other end of the scale, digital products don’t need any of that. There is no tangible product which means no storage facility, no shipping and handling and you don’t need to stare at your computer throughout the day hoping that an order will come in.

Less Work

One of the biggest advantages of selling digital products is that the business basically runs itself. You don’t need to spend hours in front of the computer processing orders.

Digital products are ordered by the customer and once paid for a link is emailed to them enabling them to download the product, it’s that easy. There is no shipping and handling and no products that need storage.

Because the business basically runs itself, except for some marketing you may do, you can sell digital products in your spare time, a way to make a second income with ease.

Higher Profit Margins

If you were to sell one hundred physical products, you would need to purchase the products, add your profit margin to the price and then sell each one. That’s not only a lot of work, but your profit margins are limited.

When selling digital products you make one digital product and it can be sold thousands of times without any extra effort. This means that once your first product is sold, the rest is pure profit, this increases your profit margin dramatically.

Flexible Prices

Digital products enable you to determine your own pricing and you can change the price as and when you want, you can lower the price during quieter times and increase it during peak periods, remember you are working on a very high profit margin.

If it was a physical product you were selling you would have purchased the item, so you would have spent money and then you need to mark up the price, there is no flexibility as you need to ensure you make some form of profit.

Less Competition

The internet has opened up so many doors for companies, but companies selling physical products are finding it harder to make a good sales turnover as they are not trading on a local or national scale anymore, but they are trading on a global scale which means they have more competition than ever before.

For those selling digital products this is a huge advantage, you are able to sell your item to any country around the world and digital products are unique based on your abilities which means your competition is considerably less.

Where to Sell Digital Products Online

Digital products are available almost everywhere you look. Where to sell your digital product is partly determined by the precise type of digital product you’ve got for sale – apps tend to sell better in the relevant app stores or places like Amazon – but a lot of products can be sold almost anywhere that can take money.


These can be sold in places like Amazon – either as an electronic Kindle book or a print on demand physical book via their CreateSpace division. The slightly weird thing about this is that the printed version is digital until a buyer decides to buy it. Then a single copy is produced to order.

There are other platforms for eBooks including distributors like Smashwords.

Or you could sell a PDF version of an eBook on your own site using PayPal or a vendor like ClickBank or E-junkie.

The advantage of selling on your own site is that you get the name and email address of the purchaser and can market other digital products to them over time.


If you create software or have it created for you, you can sell it on your own site or in marketplaces such as ClickBank in the same way as eBooks.

There are also specialist marketplaces such as Code Canyon who will include your product in their listings so long as you fit into one of their categories. There are also other established software vendors such as Digital River who will offer your product out to their affiliates.

Video courses

These are probably my favourite digital product to create.

They’re easy to make once you’ve learned the (very few) technicalities of a screen capture program.

And they’re well received by your audience.

As well as selling them from your own site – you’ve probably spotted a recurring theme on that suggestion – there are various other outlets you can explore.

If your digital video can be authored to meet their requirements then you can send a DVD master to CreateSpace and they will place it on Amazon’s Instant Video platform.

Another option that I’ve used to deliver video content is Udemy.

They host your videos and handle all the subscription and payment details. You then get a royalty in much the same way as you do for Kindle products. Your digital video course will be featured in their marketplace and can also be offered via their affiliates.

If you do choose to market your digital product on Udemy, you can use their site to create discount coupons to encourage an early uptake of subscribers. The number of subscribers will then get shown alongside your main listing which increases the social proof.

Audio products

These can be listed in podcast sites as well as being sold on your own site.

Unfortunately Apple’s iTunes store doesn’t currently allow you to directly charge for podcasts but they aren’t the only place to sell podcasts and you can do a workaround on the Apple store by following the same route as bands use to publish their tracks.

Benefits of Selling Digital Products Online

I have found that when it come to making money online it is almost impossible to find a better way as to making money opportunity then selling digital products or services. You can sell your own digital product or you can offer other people’s products through affiliate marketing. You will find that there is a number of reasons why you should sell digital products as they can be superior to physical products. In the next few sections we will go over some of the benefits and reasons so you can get started.

A. You Will Not Have To Store A Product

Depending on what you are considering to sell online you may have to find a place to store your products. This could cost a lot of money if you do not have a digital product. You could use a drop shipper, here you will still sell someone else’s product and they store it and ship it for you, they may or may not use your business name on the package and invoices for you. If they do not use your information then your customers if they want to order additional products the will order from the shipper and they may not give you any money for the new sale.

B. You Want Easy Delivery

For this one reason alone was sufficient for me to not to go back selling a physical product. Nothing beats the fast delivery of a digital product through a download link. By doing this there is on work involved for you.

Should you sell someone else product or service or your own product or service there are a large number of options for you, I like to use

By using offers you the opportunity to use their admin section and this gives you complete control of your data transmitted product. You will also find other people that will be willing to sell your product for you and click bank makes all of the payment for you and they will pay you also. They will take all of the worries out of your hand.

C. Great For Marketing

One of the priceless benefits of selling a digital product is that if you want to give it away as it will not cost you anything. If you give away a product you can do things like offering a free trial, hosting giveaways, or you can give away the product to other website owner in exchange for a product review or a banner advertising, If your digital product is a great digital product you can do a lot of internet marketing for free, this would normally cost you money.

D. Flexable Pricing

One of the most interesting marvels with digital products concerns pricing of your product. You can sell data transmitted products such as an eBook for a lot more on the internet then any physical book you could find in a book store. Should you have a rather long eBook can also come with other buying incentives such as a free bonuses you can even charge more, If you look you can find ebooks selling from $29 to $99 or even more. You can also sell Software, scripts, plugins and other types of digital products can sell for a lot when you combined with fast payments, there is no physical shipping or storage and you can quickly see how you can sell digital products online can be.

One of the biggest things to remember is you can have a fabulous product that can sell itself. You will need to do a large amount of online marketing a great product can get a lot of press by word of mouth. Now you need to get started and start to selling a digital product online.